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The Genuine Locksmiths in Sidcup is leading provider of emergency locks service having more than 18 years of experience. We provide 24/7 locksmiths service like all types of doors, windows, replacing locks and keys. Our skilled technicians offering lock replacement, installation and other service at competitive price.

Genuine Lock is a reliable company dedicated to offering reliable locksmith service to both residential and commercial properties covering all the areas of Sidcup. Customer satisfaction is the aim of our company this is the reason why we are always ready to help you in day and night.

Need a Trained locksmith? Let us solve the Problem

We have the expertise and know-how to handle any kind of lock problems in the best possible way. Whether you are stranded in the middle of road as you lost your car keys or whatever the issue is, all you need to do is give us a call and we will come to your preferred location shortly.


Excellent Local Reputation

Serving the industry for more than 18 years, we have earned excellent reputation for being one of the most reliable locksmith service providers in Sidcup. All our locksmith operatives have several years of experience and are trained to the highest level. Here at Genuine Lock, we are able to provide unrivalled service to our customers at unbeatable rates.

High-Tech Equipments

When you choose Genuine Lock, you can be rest assured as you will get best value for your money as well as sense of satisfaction. We use latest equipments and tools to carry out the work in the best possible manner.


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